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7 Ways To Keep Your Shower Area Clean And Hygienic

If you take a lot of showers and always try to keep your shower clean, we are the same. But it doesn’t matter how often you clean it. There is always mildew buildup and soap scum on the walls or floors of your bathroom.

A clean and clear shower enhances your bathroom’s overall aesthetics. It also reduces the risk of slip-and-fall and ensures proper hygiene. In this blog post, we’ll discuss 7 ways to keep your shower area clean and free of dirt and grime!

First, let’s start with the basics. Ensure you’re using a shower curtain or shower door made of materials that can be easily cleaned. I prefer shower doors because they are easier to clean and don’t get as dirty.

If you use a shower curtain, make sure it can be washed in the washing

1. Squeegee After Every Use

Squeegee the shower doors and walls after every use. It will prevent both the soap scum buildup and water spots too.

This stops the shower from drying up and removes the leftover water. In fact, squeezing the shower leaves the mineral deposits behind. Use it on surfaces where moisture tends to stash.

This is probably the most effective way to keep your shower clean and keep the hygiene upto date.

2. Use A Shower Caddy and Daily shower Spray

Daily shower spray and shower caddy reduce the buildup of soap scum, mustiness, and other types of dirt. A shower caddy is a storage unit. Keep your bathroom essentials, such as soap and shampoo, in the shower caddy. It prevents them from creating soap scum buildup or leaving behind stains.

A daily shower spray keeps the bathroom crystal clean. I’ll suggest you do not buy it from the market. Mix some water and vinegar equally, and the shower spray is ready. After every shower, spray the mixture(water + vinegar) onto your floor and wall.

Now wait a few minutes and rinse it with clean water.With these two things, you can save time and maintain a clean shower. A shower caddy will keep your bath stuff organized, and daily shower spray will prevent soap scum.

3. Perfumes

Some perfumes contain ingredients, such as oils with antimicrobial properties, that help kill bacteria and viruses that cause unpleasant odors and potentially harmful conditions. These perfumes maintain your bathroom and SPA hygiene.

I recently found out about a brand called Borolo which is highly reputed in perfumes. They create personalized perfumes for your brand/business and assist with consultancy, solutions, and interventions.

Additionally, some fragrances are formulated to neutralize or mask unpleasant odors. They make bathrooms and SPAs smell more pleasant and reduce the need for harsh cleaning chemicals that can harm humans and the environment.

4. Seal Grout and Caulk

Seal Grout and Caulk absorb water from surface and wipe away the mildew and mold. People use grout to fill the cracks between tiles. It can soak grime, dirt, and water from the ground.

Conversely, Caulk is a waterproof material that seals the edges between tiles, bathtubs, or walls. Over time, Caulk helps water to seep behind the peel or crack and form a nurturing ground for mold and mildew.

Together they prevent dirt, water, and slime from infiltrating the spongy surfaces. Sealing the Caulk and grout in your shower keeps it clean and hygienic. It prevents mold and mildew from growing and makes it more effortless to groom the shower.

5. Use a Water Softener

I recommend you install a water softener to prevent minerals like calcium and magnesium from the water. These minerals cause hard water.

And you may not know, but using hard water for shower results in mineral deposits on the walls, making them look dull. It forms soap scum when hard water gets together with shampoo or soap.

Soap scum is difficult to remove because it sticks to shower surfaces. I use a water softener device in my bathroom, reducing these issues significantly.

6. Use a Shower Curtain Liner

Use a shower curtain Liner to prevent water splashing onto the floors and walls. The shower curtain Liner is made of a plastic sheet that you can hang inside the shower. It will stop water from sprinkling on the walls and floors.

And yeah, it protects the water damage too. Water splashes outside the shower can create water spots and stains on bathroom surfaces. That results in causing damage to the paint and sometimes tiles too. This is what a shower curtain liner prevents and maintains the shower area clean and dry.

7. Keep the Shower Ventilated

Moisture buildup can lead to mustiness and mold growth. That’s why you need proper ventilation in your bathroom. Turn on the bathroom fan or open the window during and after showering to allow the excess moisture to escape.

By following these tips, you can ensure a hygienic, safe, and aesthetically pleasing shower that you can enjoy for years.

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