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Review: Choose the Best Shower Faucets for Your Home

Shower faucets regulate the temperature and speed of water when you shower. They are usually mounted on the shower wall and can be operated using a handle, knob, or lever.

Selecting the right shower faucet is necessary if you’re just starting to remodel your bathroom.

Because It’ll significantly impact your overall shower experience and bathroom design.

A shower faucet create the preferred temperature for your shower by correctly mixing the hot and cold water. They’re available in different types and a variety of styles.

Choosing the finest one for your home can be overwhelming with so many other shower faucets on the market.

In today’s column, we’ll share key factors to consider before buying a shower faucet.

Types of Shower Faucets

Before dipping into the aspects to consider when picking a shower faucet, it’s essential to understand the available types.

Here are some of the most standard sorts of shower faucets:

1. Single-Handle

They’re the basic models with a single handle or lever to control the temperature and flow of water.

It’s effortless to balance the hot and cold water with these faucets.

In fact, you can do it with one hand. They’re small and simple, so they take minimum place and work efficiently.

Some of them come with thermostatic control and even pressure balancing.

2. Dual-Handle

Unlike single-handled, dual ones contain two levers/handles. One for cold water and one for hot water. These handles are advanced as compared to a single-handle faucet. So you can control the water temperature more precisely.

Dual-handle shower faucets are a classic and traditional design that can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any bathroom decor. They are also a popular choice for those who prefer a more tactile and tactile shower experience.

Dual-handle shower faucets too come in different options and costs.

They may also feature additional features such as pressure-balancing or thermostatic control to ensure a safe and consistent shower experience.

3. Digital

Digital shower faucets utilize digital and automatic technology to manage the temperature and flow of the water.

Unlike traditional knobs or handles, digital shower faucets have a digital control panel that lets us digitally customize the temperature and flow of water.

They can be handheld or wall-mounted easily, including features like various temperature presets and water flow patterns. In fact, you can save your preferred temperature next for the future.

Besides, digital shower faucets are often elegant and trendy, making them an attractive addition to any bathroom decor.

The water flow is always accurate, and temperature is controlled, which makes them energy-efficient and helps lower water waste.

4. Thermostatic

Thermostatic shower faucets have been blowing up the market for the past few years. I recently installed one in my bathroom and am impressed with its performance.

They’re best if you want the water flow and temperature consistent throughout our shower. The flow is not constant, and the water supply fluctuates.

Still, thermostatic shower faucets will keep the water temperature equal. Despite the other benefits, thermostatic shower faucets are energy-efficient too. Consistent temperature avoids frequent adjustments and results in lower electricity bills.

The one I’ve installed in my shower has a digital display that helps me control and monitor everything from a screen. Overall, I’ll recommend thermostatic shower faucet above any other faucet.

Factors to Consider

Now we have analyzed the different types of shower faucets and their differences. Let’s talk about a few factors to consider before buying one.

  1. Only some faucets are compatible with your shower. Specifically when your existing plumbing system is old. Discuss with a plumber to ensure which faucet is compatible with it.
  2. From modern to traditional, shower faucets are available in different types. Make sure the one you’ll buy matches your existing bathroom style and decor.
  3. The flow rate of a shower faucet determines the speed of the water throw. A flow rate that isn’t maximum or minimum is an acceptable option.
  4. A faucet with a pressure-balancing feature is good to go. If your shower’s water pressure is inconsistent, It’ll keep it to a certain level.
  5. A faucet made of high-quality materials requires less maintenance and last longer.
  6. Shower faucets vary greatly, from budget-friendly options to high-end luxury faucets. Decide your budget first.

A good shower faucet can impact your shower experience. Durability, water flow & pressure, and compatibility with your plumbing system are the key points to remember when buying one. Choose the right one, just like I did.

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