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Experience Pure Bliss: The Best Shower Filters to Soothe Your Senses

Do you look into the mirror and think, my skin and hair are getting dry? It’s because of the hard water you use to shower with.

Unfortunately, the water quality isn’t good in most regions and causes itchiness, dryness, and mineral accumulation in your shower and tub.

Installing a shower filtered head or a shower filter effectively removes all impurities from the water, which results in cleaning the water in your shower.

What Makes a Shower Filter Necessary?

Hard water contains highly dissolved but unwanted minerals, specifically magnesium, and calcium. These minerals mix into the water through soil and rocks. The more those minerals in the water, the harder it is.

Hard water is a common issue and has adverse effects on personal hygiene and water supply pipes. Hard water can have various effects on bodies and faces:

  1. Together in hard water, both minerals make our skin itchy and dry. They basically oust the natural oils from skin.
  2. Hard water leads to the expansion of acne and blocks skin pores.
  3. If your skin is sensitive, hard water can cause inflammation and irritation.
  4. Minerals in water can damage your face’s elastin fibers and collagen, leading to premature skin aging and wrinkles.
  5. Hard water even brittle our hair, making them dry and causing dandruff.
  6. Other than the face and hair, hard water leave stains on clothes.

Installing a shower water filter is a superficial solution to prevent all those effects.

I used to think that a shower filter had no extraordinary benefits. Until I discovered the real thing. I found that shower filters are the most effective way that takes care of our skin and hair in the shower. A shower filter is essential, like a shower standing handle for aged people.

Best Bath Shower Filters

If you’re looking for a shower filter, check your water situation and requirements. Both hard water and well water need different shower filters. If the only issue is water quality, you need a filter that can soften the water.

But if you’re using well water for the shower, you’ll need a filter with maximum capability. It should have multiple filtering stages that can remove odd smells, and rust from the water too.

Let’s discover a few options.

Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System

Ideally, you can feed your skin and hair with The Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System. It is a highly-rated product with a two-stage filtration process. This filter removes 95% of pollutants from the water, making it perfect for your skin and hair.

The first stage of the filtration process involves a copper-zinc oxidation media that helps to remove chlorine and other chemicals from the water. This filter utilizes a copper-zinc oxidation media in the first stage.

Chlorine is a common mineral in the water that results in skin irritation, hair damage, and dryness. The AQ-4100 is a serial killer of chlorine and other chemicals.

Almost 80% of the water contaminants are killed throughout the first filtration stage. But the remaining ones are removed by the second stage of filtration, which contains a carbon filter.

Copper-zinc oxidation can effectively remove the chemicals from the hard. Though it’s not that capable of removing small particles like rust and sediment.

Carbon filter kills them.

The AQ-4100 also doesn’t let the minerals and buildups get scaled in your showerhead and other shower places. That makes it easy and accessible to clean.


  • Removes 95% of the contaminants
  • Easy to install
  • Eco-friendly


  • Only 2 stages of filtration
  • Bulky design and expensive

Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted

This is not just a filter but a filtered showerhead. The Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head is another high-rated product that softens hard water. The filter kicks away 90% chlorine and other contaminants from water.

These contaminants root for our skin allergies and hair damage. Simply mount it to the wall and set your water spray speed out of 5 options. It’s super easy to install and convenient.

Additionally, It’s like a one-time investment. You just need to replace the filter once after every six months. This is what makes it a thrifty option.

The Culligan WSH-C125 is an acceptable option to soften the water, and that’s too in a budget. Though I came across a few reviews where users reported that it’s getting a leak.


  • Wall-mounted design and easy to install
  • kills 90% of the contaminants
  • Long-lasting filter


  • The filter gets leaks sometimes.
  • Limited filtration capacity

Sprite HO2-WH-M Universal

The Sprite HO2-WH-M Universal is a favorite shower filter with around 80 nozzles. And kills 90% of the chemicals in the water.

This filter won’t let your hair damage and skin dryness. Because it removes all the heavy metals from water, including sediments and chlorine.

Not only practical, but this filter is affordable too. I rate it one of the most suitable options for showers. It requires around 10 minutes to install.

A single filter can clean at least 20,000 gallons of water and is a 6-month service. Additionally, the Sprite HO2-WH-M Universal is very compact in size. It’s manageable to travel with and easy to use with outdoor showers too.


  • Very effective in its domain
  • Affordable and easy to install
  • Long-lasting and compact


  • Limited filtration
  • Reduce water pressure

Berkey Shower Filter

The Berkey Shower Filter cost less than 100$ bucks. Providing both quality and durability, the Berkey is one of the top-notched shower filters.

It works as a showerhead and eliminates around 95% of the bacteria, chlorines, and heavy particles from the water. Not every filter can kill the bacteria.

This filter is not the best above all, but it reduces chemical and vapor inhalation when you shower. The price is slightly higher than its competitors, but it can purify 25k gallons of water. That makes it an affordable and economical option.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-install device, you’ll be ready with the Berkey Shower Filter. Unlike the other filters, this one works perfectly on all showers.


  • Reduces scale buildup
  • Comes with bacteriostatic media
  • Suitable with all showers


  • Non customizable
  • High base price

Types of Shower Filters

Several types of shower filters are available in the market made to improve the quality of water. Choosing the correct type of shower filter is essential. It depends on your water quality and the style of showerhead. A few of the typical kinds of shower filters include

  1. Carbon filters: These filters use carbon to kill chlorine and other water chemicals.
  2. KDF filters: Aquasana AQ-4100 is an example of this filter. These filters use copper and zinc together to fight impurities.
  3. Vitamin C filters: Perfect for skin and hair care, this filter utilizes Vitamin C
  4. Magnetic filters: These filters use a magnetic field to remove minerals and impurities from the water.
  5. In-line filters: Unlike the other shower filters, these are fixed directly into the showerhead. 

How to Install

Most shower filters don’t require any technical skills or tools to install. It is a simple process and can be done within a few minutes and steps. I installed my shower filter between the pipe and the showerhead. It’s the best place. A Teflon tape is all you need to install it.

  1. Turn off the water supply to your shower to avoid any leakages or unfortunate things.
  2. Remove the shower head. Use a plier if it’s not loose.
  3. Apply Teflon tape to the threads.
  4. Now fit the filter onto the shower arm and tight it with a hand or pliers.
  5. Fit back the shower head.
  6. Check for leakages. 

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