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Dull to Deluxe: How Much Does a Shower Remodel Cost?

Whether you’re upgrading your washroom or bath area, remodeling the shower should be your first place to start with.

A perfect shower remodel bestows your bathroom a garden-fresh look, adds value to your home, and amend functionality.

Most homeowners hold back on a shower remodel project because they still determine the cost.

The cost varies, and it depends on variations of factors.

This column will cover what cost you should consider for a good shower remodel.

A basic shower remodel can cost anywhere between $500 to $2000. This includes replacing the showerhead, material cost, updating the handles and faucet, and installing new tile or a shower surround. This is a good option if you want to give your shower a facelift.

However, if you are willing to rebuild and gut your shower entirely, Keep your mind and pocket ready to spend significantly more. A whole shower remodel will cost you at least $3000 and a lot of time.

Starting from scratch, this cost would include pulling out the existing shower, and fitting a new plumbing set. You can even use custom tile work or natural stones that are premium cost.

What I’ve mentioned above is just my own assessment. The actual cost of your shower remodel will depend on your necessities and what material you prefer. It’s best to ask a professional to get an accurate image of remodeling your shower’s cost. Professional will guide you better with what’s foremost for your bathroom.

Shower Size and Labor Cost

60% cost of a shower remodel is impacted by its physical size and dimensions. The math is simple: a large shower requires more tiles, which will cost you more money.

Apart from the remodel cost, it’s also essential to factor in additional charges such as labor costs and architect fees.

Walk in Shower Cost

Installing a walk-in shower enhances your bathroom with a sense of comfort and luxury. But I’ll skyrocket your cost somewhere between $300 to $3000 additional. If not tight on budget, it’s a feasible choice for homeowners looking to elevate their bathroom experience.

Shower Door Cost

Picking between curtains and a glass door significantly sways the bathroom’s inclusive aesthetics. If you think a glass door is the best option for your shower, you must choose between a stock or custom design. Stock glass doors are less expensive compared to custom designs.

Keep your budget accordingly because the costs can add up speedily.

A significant shower remodel cost depends on the materials used and the renovation area.

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