The Shower Makeover

Small Changes, Big Impact: The Shower Makeover

A bathroom is one of the preeminent spaces in our residences.

And a shower is a significant part of every bathroom. It’s where your day begins and ends after a long day’s work.

Have you ever thought of your shower’s makeover? Ensuring your shower looks and feels its best is vital.

Luckily, the shower’s makeover doesn’t require a complete renovation and bucks. (When done right).

Slight changes can significantly improve your shower and bathroom’s overall feel and look.

Here’s how to do it with minor modifications.

Replacing Your Showerhead

Think about replacing your showerhead to amend your shower experience and Spa-like ambiance.

It’s cost-efficient and easy to replace.

Installing a new showerhead will precisely and instantly improve water pressure and enhance the look of the shower.

The latest showerheads are mainly made to be water efficient as compared to older ones.

Install a Window Shutter

Dressing up a bathroom window can be daunting as it presents unique challenges that may not be encountered in other areas of the home. Homeowners face limitations in terms of the available colors, as well as the shape and size of the window.

Installing a window shutters in bathroom can imbue a vintage appeal, lending an “Old-World Charm” to the space. Additionally, shutters allow a modest amount of natural light to filter through, even when the window is closed. They’re water-resistant, easy to clean, and maintain as compared to blinds.

Install a Shower Caddy

Classy and hands-on addition to any bathroom is a shower caddy.

It helps you keep your shower stuff well-organized and within easy reach and gives the bathroom an elegant touch.

A shower caddy matching your bathroom fixture is “icing on the cake.”

It’s a simple shower makeover.

Caddies that are made with stainless steel and plastic are the most durable.

Upgrade the Shower Curtains

Curtains enhance your shower’s aesthetic charm and the bathroom’s overall look.

A new set of curtains can lower the risk of mildew buildup and mold.

Additionally, having curtains that match your bathroom’s fixtures and decor is the foremost approach for refreshing the bathroom’s look

Replace Old Lights

Lights completely flip any room, office, or shower look.

Instead of going for expensive solutions, buy new lighting for your shower and install them.

You’ll surely get a spa-like ambiance.

Newer lights typically consume less energy resulting in lower electricity costs. Install a dimmer switch and motion sensors to alter the lighting with your mood swings.

Add Plants

I recently added a few plants to my shower area; believe me, they are worth it.

Bathrooms are humid, and plants prevent mold growth and reduce humidity.

Ferns, pothos, and spiders are those plants that help purify the air.

Refrain from planting them on the ground. Instead, hang them to makeover the shower without consuming too much space.

In conclusion, a shower makeover can be done without a complete renovation. Small changes can significantly impact the overall look and feel of your shower. Following these tips can transform your shower into a relaxing and rejuvenating oasis.

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